Social Finance

Money for Good:

Summary Report & Action Plan to Advance Social Finance in Calgary

Brenna Atnikov

Social finance has historical roots but is becoming increasingly relevant in our current economic climate. Across Canada, innovative ways of mobilizing money for social good are being explored. As this trend begins to unfold, the question arises:

How do we prepare Calgary to be able to leverage social finance tools?

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Redefining Returns:

Social Finance Awareness and Opportunities in the Canadian Financial Sector

This report was commissioned by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC).

Karim Harji, Alex Kjorven, Sean Geobey, Assaf Weisz

This report provides new insights into the issues and opportunities around social finance as perceived by the Canadian financial sector. Through a combination of interviews, a national survey, and focus groups, we identified several key themes that relate to the awareness and activity around social finance, as well as the challenges and barriers to engaging in social finance. We provide a set of recommendations to address these issues, in order to increase the level of awareness and activity around social finance in the Canadian financial sector.

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Impact Investments: An emerging asset class

  • Report by J.P. Morgan and the Rockefeller Foundation assesses expected and realized returns from more than 1,000 impact investments collected by the Global Impact Investing Network
  • Report estimates an investment opportunity of between $400 billion and $1 trillion and profit opportunity of between $183 billion and $667 billion over the next decade in five sectors — housing, water, health, education, and financial services — serving global populations earning less than $3,000 annually

Impact investments — investments intended to create positive social or environmental impact beyond financial return — constitute a new asset class, according to a report by J.P. Morgan and the Rockefeller Foundation. The new collaborative research piece, “Impact Investments: An Emerging Asset Class,” explores how impact investments offer a new alternative for channeling large-scale private capital for social benefit. The report also includes the first large-scale data analysis of return expectations and, when available, realized returns for impact investments.

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Technical Guide to Commissioning Social Impact Bonds

Publication date:

November 2011

Ben Jupp

Social Impact Bonds are a form of financing that aligns investor returns with social outcomes: investors only receive a return if the social outcome is achieved.

Since Social Finance launched the first Social Impact Bond in September 2010 to reduce re-offending among short sentenced prisoners leaving Peterborough Prison, the concept has attracted considerable interest. There is, however, a long way to go before they are commonly used.

Like any new approach, it will take a while for people to understand when and how to establish Social Impact Bonds. The purpose of this paper is to help commissioners consider how best to develop and procure Social Impact Bonds.

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A new way to invest in better healthcare

Publication date: September 2011
Author: Professor Paul Corrigan

This report is about the potential applicability of Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) in the health field. The SIB is a financial mechanism where investor returns are aligned with social outcomes. The SIB is based on a contract with government in which the government commits to pay for an improvement in social outcomes for a defined population. Investors fund a range of preventative interventions with the goal of improving the contracted outcomes. If and as the outcomes improve, investors receive payments from government.

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